Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Said Ooo LaLa, Said Ooo... Beat the Bears!

As I'm sure you're well aware, I meet some rather strange people in my line of work. Passengers, pilots, fellow cabin crew - its a mixed bag of folks from around the world and you never quite know what you're going to get. A few nights ago I had to sit airport alert until 12:45 am! What I like about alert is every now and then you come across people you haven't seen in months, domestic kiddies that you haven't seen in years, and there's always a friend of a friend who's sitting alert and conversation ensues.

So a bunch of couch flyers were at a table near the phone (which was not ringing... it never rings when I sit alert) and I'm talking to this guy. He's from Dallas, his dad's a pilot here... and he used to be a NCA cheer camp instructor! Before I know it, we're busting out choreography that's a solid 10 years old, dancing about the crew room! We started watching all the cheer-related things we could get our hands on youtube... he's old teams, teams in the northeast. We were looking in particular for the Bombs over Baghdad advanced dance from NCA 2001 camp; our search was futile considering that we danced and cheered many moons ago, before there was such thing as YouTube. Hopefully next time we fly together it'll be on the 777 and we can dance all the way to LHR in the aft galley! That alert was amazing and the fastest one I've ever sat through. He is by far the coolest person I've met on the job yet!

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