Friday, July 18, 2008

Stranger Than Your Sympathy

About 20 minutes before I was scheduled to go home, I got called out for a domestic pairing. One leg to LA, 16 hours, and two legs home via IAH. I was slightly concerned that I was going to run into someone that I didn't want to see going to LA; instead, I had this guy sitting in first class. He was very nice and just like any other annoying, rule breaking first class passenger. To be honest, seeing Curtis for .2 seconds was way more exciting.

On a side economic note, gas in LA was $4.57. I just paid $3.91 here in Jersey AND I didn't pump it!

Day two on my domestic trip was a little bit better because I still hadn't gotten over all those domestic-isms that make flying state side different than across the pond. Also, a friend of mine was deadheading back to EWR, come to find out that a bunch of us big bad international flight attendants had all been assigned domestic pairings and I actually lucked out with what I got. We'll see what happens tomorrow though. I was eligible to pick something upfor tomorrow, but I was too busy riding roller coasters in Hershey ;)

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