Thursday, July 3, 2008

All Cracked Up

My head/neck currently leans to the right; I know this because my new chiropractor showed me the x-rays. (I know, I know, if I wanted to be blasted with more radiation I should have just gone to work). I decided to see one because of the annoying pain I'm experiencing from sleeping at the LHR hotel, and the constant bending up and down to deliver drinks or pick up rubbish, whether its in first class or steerage. Its going to help my sinus situation, as the body has been built to work as one. Part of the damage is from years of girls landing on my head during cheerleading practice, as well as my car accident four years ago. I've had a very positive experience with the whole thing, my insurance covers it, and seeing how I got my furlough packet two days ago, I'm having everything I can possibly have done now. My next stop on the doctor train is the dermatologist, and I might have to see my eye doctor in August because by the time September rolls around, Lord only knows if I'll even still be pouring cokes.

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