Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Party In Europe

Last night, my roommate and I went to Atlantic City to party it up. The road trip was fun - two hours of girl talk down the turnpike. I gave her a brief lesson on the scandalous events that go on at the rest stops; she was appauled as things like that don't go down on the 5. We were dressed to the nines, which on a Wednesday isn't really necessary. Our first stop was Borgata, and it was not exactly hopping up in there. The bar scene was okay, I definitely lost at least $30 in the slots. Everyone kept talking about The Pool over at Harrahs, so at 0130 hours we decided that it would be a good idea to head over. We were overdressed, but the best dressed people in there. As the name would indicate, its supposed to be a huge pool party/rent a $500 cabana/ kicking it Vegas style good time. I was happy that it didn't reak of chlorine, but not everyone should be running around wet and in swim wear. Man boobs are not cute.

Out on the dance floor, I was not impressed with the amount of groping or guys trying to shove their tongues in my mouth. It made me miss Europe immencely. Even though on a daily basis, Europeans are not a fan of personal space, they're all about it on the dance floor. Dancing in a Euro club is like dancing around in front of the mirror in your bedroom. No one is trying to be all up in your grill, and I enjoy the freedom. I felt like I needed my gay husband to deflect and deter the macho straight males who were just looking for someone to take home for the night. Its unfortunate that so many girls are like that, ruining the good girls' good time.

I learned:
1. that it is a bad idea to drink on an empty stomach, unless throwing up is your goal
2. rest stop bathrooms are cleaner than those on the plane
3. it is a bad idea to stop at said rest stop any later than 2200, unless you're going to Molly Pitcher on the NJ TPK
4. Vegas > AC (duh, right? maybe the whole during the week/before summer thing was the issue at hand)
5. I party in Europe.

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