Friday, February 19, 2016

If your Airline isn't listening, the FAA sure is:

I found this article during my many internet searches for my latest trip of a lifetime preparations.  It sounds like there are a few different ideals and thoughts about flying are coming through from these complaints:

- If you do not travel frequently, then my guess is your impression of your experience should be that of the 1970's and I promise you, those days are long gone. Yay deregulation!

- Just like roads and bridges, the radar system that commercial jets use in the US dates back to WW2.  It's time for an upgrade that conservatives aren't willing to pay for, nor are airlines.  Hence systematic and problematic delays in problem spots like the Northeast.

- Your eyes and seatbelt do not deceive you: Americans are getting bigger and the seats are getting smaller. 

- I agree with the legislation put forward.  Airlines should be required to disclose the information about their commitments to the FAA.  And just like all other commercial enterprises, I hope consumers continue to use the power of the purse.

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