Sunday, June 30, 2013


I have been anti-GPS since it's invention.  I was raised on a monstrously large Rand McNally, and my father always expected me to look up directions and map out our route prior to departure.  I have a hard time listening to directions from some little machine; maybe it's just my parents' unit that's outdated?  I just don't believe you.

When Stacy and I were driving three countries in three days, I must admit I was quite thankful to have Jane, our British GPS lady, who navigated us through the most scenic drive of my life and got us to all of our destinations safely.  Including Lake Geneva (even thought that was a bit touch and go towards the end).

Last week, a bunch of instructors were getting together to celebrate birthdays on the Upper East Side.  Driving in Manhattan is not my favorite thing to do;  the City was there before cars, unlike Chicago or LA which are car friendly.  I was told to download this app called Wazes, and that it would get me to 1st and 83rd as fast as can be.  Wazes is the social media app for driving, so the more people who use it, the more accurate the time to destination, accident info, speed trap warnings, etc, will be.  I changed the settings so I could have the directions dictated to me over my car's blue tooth and I'm hoping to figure out how to use voice commands to get the stupid thing to turn off.  I know which exit to take off the turnpike.  I'm impressed with Wazes because it got me home from the city 15 minutes faster than anyone else, and had I listened and not taken the turnpike home to my parents' house Friday, I would have gotten home a 1/2 hour faster.  Waze does know better; I'm just still having a difficult time listening to a machine.  Oh the "wayz" of the future are upon us...

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