Friday, April 19, 2013

Gluten Free!

I was quite ill for much of March, which is why I was so desperate for the month to end. I had a spot of shingles that I didn't realize was there (or blatantly denied) til a cold sore popped up. Followed by a killer cold, and cold sore number 2. At least with the cold sore, I was on the same medication used to treat shingles; then the medicine jacked with my digestion to the extreme. I was so sick with all sorts of ailments that I knew I had to take control over my health and well being. So I came off coffee and went gluten free.

Coming off coffee was hard for like, two days. I did it when I was working in San Fran: switched to tea and let myself has as many caffeine filled diet cokes as I wanted. It helped to go home with it out of my routine. Cutting out gluten has been a challenge because I've never been on a real diet before. Since college, I've tried to make a mental acknowledgement that diet is whatever I eat all the time; it's my life and my everyday. Changing to gluten free has meant more meal planning and clean eating, which is expense and can be time consuming. I'm trying to focus on all the things I can eat. The thought of breakfast makes me the most sad because I love bacon and egg on a bagel, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, French toast. I'm choosing to ignore the fact Italian food exists in the world; we all know how I feel about pasta.

In the big picture, I feel better during the day, I'm more alert. I sleep better. I'm waiting for the pounds to come off, but I might have to add exercise for that to happen...

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