Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ego Boost

Coming home from Belfast yesterday, we had a lot of kids. Lot o kids. Children children everywhere. And as it was after Christmas, most were foreign kids headed to the states for holiday and we all know foreign kids are, in general, better behaved than American brats.

When working in economy, you encounter the same passengers repeatedly during the service. There was this one mom, blond, sitting in between her two girls that were close in age, somewhere around 7. The little girl on the aisle was blond as well, big soft brown eyes with an air of endearing nonsensicalness around her; in an I'm just happy to be here kind of way. Her sister seated at the window was a bit more concerned about life, had big sloppy brown curls, and the cutest green glasses I've ever seen. Whenever I'm serving kids, I always address them individually with the pleases and thank yous. And as soon as I saw a fellow four eyes at the window, I made sure to compliment her on her specs. It's hard being a little kid in glasses; glasses still aren't cool and as a 27 year old professional, I still feel geeky and uncool in my glasses. Her eyes lit up, and a thank you spilled out of her mouth. And if those little green glasses came in my size, I'd rock 'em.

And for the record, that's Christmas in Ireland (as in the island, not exactly the country) three years in a row ;)

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