Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm sitting in the gate area, waiting for my flight to begin boarding as these others are getting ready to close the aircraft door. The gate agent just paged for the two Wongs... Wongs... Wongs... followed by a series of Buellers. This gate agent just paged for Bueller. Oh, Ben Stein, did you ever think while you were working for President Nixon that you'd be movies and quotable over pa's around the world???

I'm not sure if this was the highlight of my 15 hrs in Vegas, or if it was being picked up - literally - by a ginger from Holland to see if I could find his friend with a white hat on the dance floor in some club at Palazzo. Yes, picked up as in elevated above his head. Had his name been Patrick, then it would have just been another day, another dude ;)

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