Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Much Time At The Office

Today, I flew in from Orlando; I was there with the fam. Went back to my place, tried to get some work done online, and was so incredibly unsuccessful that even after being on the phone with the HelpDesk for 40 minutes, I had to go back to the crew room. I got a bit of computer work done, and then met my bff J, where we sat in the terminal lounging and talking as though we were in our living rooms. We sat and watched the planes roll by, push back, take off. Oddly enough, it felt like home.

I've never second guessed my career choice, or the people around me who have become my best friends; perhaps too much time at my office is a good thing for me ;)


GigiRouge said...

Your blogs inspire me to become an f/a! Too bad I have to wait 3 more years :/

The Lysser said...

Its too bad you're not 21 now! Southwest and Continental are hiring.

GigiRouge said...

I know! Continental is my dream airline!!