Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yay for Bon Qui Qui Juniority

Per the Federal Aviation Administration, flight attendants are required to carry a pen with them at all times. This is a federal law - I have to have a pen. So when passengers ask me for one, I usually just smile and tell them to make friends with their neighbors... like any good kindergarten teacher would.

So this particular flight, I was the door greeter. I personally said hello to just about every single passenger and created warm fuzzy feelings of happiness as the customers boarded the plane - all without my Costa ham & cheese toasty, small latte extra shot. There were a few memorable people who got on the plane, the elderly couples who I jokingly told the husbands to behave themselves, Penn State fans who I told had to go change their shirts. I just like to create a warm, friendly atmosphere as people enter my work space that will last all the way across the pond. So there was this one couple who I recalled having a jovial conversation with who were seated in the middle, rear of the aircraft. I poured a few of their cokes during the first round of service.

The section 8 cabin crew was pretty tight - we were all the same juniority, same age, similar backgrounds and stages in life. We worked really well together and had a blast sitting around talking to pass the time during our Atlantic crossing. At one point, close to when we were getting ready to set up for our pre-arrival service, I went for a walk and was unfortunately too slow making my way back to the aft galley and was stopped by some foreigner asking about forms for landing. As I was now running to the galley to retrieve them, this lady who I had pleasant report with earlier asked me if I had a pen for her to fill out her visa information with, and I quickly told her no, but to make friends with her neighbor. So I went back to the original passenger, handed him the form he needed, and as I was passing her seat I heard, "and there goes that rude bitch." Clear as day, loud enough for the surrounding 4 rows to hear.

I was floored.

I'm not one for confrontation, and I wish all of you could have met the other stews I was flying with because that title, while belonging to no one, most certainly wasn't mine. And aren't we all adults here? Who speaks like that about others in public??? I let it go immediately, I wasn't interested in lowering myself to her level. My co-workers felt differently and she was confronted in a professional way, to the effects of which I cannot quite relay. Something along the lines of is there a problem here? I'm not here to argue, but that behavior is not tolerated.

SO of course I posted this on MyFace.

Responses ranged from of course! to you're a sweetheart! to I had her on my flight last week.

Needless to say, I'm most certainly looking forward to my three day weekend, courtesy of scheduling granting my personal drop for tomorrow.


John in MRY said...

Interesting; that must be a CO thing...of the 3 airlines I've flown for a pen never required equipment. Funny how each carrier has their own unique rules.

More importantly; glad you were able to brush off her comment relatively easily...people are just too strange.

The Lysser said...

No no, pens are a FAA required duty item; it is federal law that flight attendants have a pen on their personage at all times.

Anonymous said...

I have been a flight attendant for 13 years and have never heard of that regulation.

I grab every pen from every hotel room and keep them in a zip lock for those passengers that need one. If I just don't have one physically on me, I reply "Nope", as I am patting myself down,"but when I find one I will bring it to you." Smile and walk away. They usually find one somewhere else.


T said...

That's not a FAR at all....

The Lysser said...

I stand corrected! FAA mandated items are the current inflight manual, current ID badge, cabin key on personage during flight, and a working flash light. My company requires us to carry a pen in addition to those listed.