Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is a snapshot of the view from my bed. Eff yeah.

I woke up Monday morning to find airport alert on my line at 18:30. I was convinced all day that due to the number of pairings in open time, scheduling was going to call at a moments notice and reassign me to an earlier check in... which leads to this state of heightened alert and makes me not want to leave the house. I could have used a trip to target and the library. I left for work early just in case, but sat my alert regardless. I got called around 8:45 or so for late 3 day Shannon that gets back early.

And it's good to be "home".

Shannon is my thinking place. It seems whenever I need a time out or that I have my priorities askew, I end up here in Ireland with plenty of time to contemplate and accept. Complete attitude adjustment. I also love the Indian place upstairs, across from Dunnes. Delicious! Great crew, great trip and I know I'm going home a happy camper.

Even though I'm only good for one day...

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