Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sitting Reserve

Sitting reserve means just that in the winter months: sitting. I have been home for two days and tomorrow will mark the third (well, they have yet to finish assigning all the airport alerts but the only ones left begin at 8 and 9 at night and that's just too late). I don't mind not getting used, I went to the mall and voted today. Our mall is classy: we have a county store between the local department store and the DEB. There you can register to vote, get an absentee ballot, or get your passport card (for sea and land travel... aka fancy no age minimum licence), a regular passport that is recognized by other nations, investigate what the elected county officials are doing for you and so forth. I've also been reading a lot - most definitely not the positive reading material that I should be concentrating on. I've been baking up a storm! Cookies and muffins galore. I wish someone could inform my mother that sitting reserve is not the extreme "slackitude" position that she thinks it is. By the time the month is over, I will have had off more days than I worked. I really would like to go to work, but that's up to scheduling. Oh to live in the magical land of holding a line! Rumor has it that we're hiring a few new kiddies to replace the old biddies retiring and crazyass reserves that get themselves fired for crazyass reserve shenanigans. This translates to a few more people behind me so that I might some day reach my goal of holding a line. Someday.

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