Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brussel Sprouts ;)

I just came home from Brussels. Yes, I saw the peeing boy and girl statues and yes, I had a waffle. It was covered in chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries, bananas, and was awfully delicious. I bought a bottle of wine from duty free; it's tasty. Oh, I worked too. First class aisle - it was not easy and it is not my favorite position. There was some drama on the plane (between two flight attendants!), which I thoroughly enjoyed. It amazes me at how hard people make such an easy job.

Tomorrow, I'm visiting my friend's class (she's a teacher) for career week. I get to talk about how I'm important to the community, what made me want to become a flight attendant, strengths you need to have to be successful, and what a typical day is like. I cannot even imagine what my reaction would have been at that age to have met someone who wakes up at two in the afternoon on a regular basis. I have the next two days off and will most definitely be personal dropping for a third. I have officially worked my ass off and now I'm tired. I suppose that's what going back and forth to Europe six times in four weeks will do to you.

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